Didgeridoo and train whistle synths

Free Ableton Didgeridoo and Train Whistle Synths


Fun, airy tones

Product Description

Behold, the new free Ableton Didgeridoo and Train Whistle Instruments! This little project came to me as I was hoping to make some airy synth sounds. On a Christmas past, I received a didgeridoo and its been sitting in a closet ever since, save the occasional few minutes of fun. I figured the didgeridoo is just a long sustainable note, so it would work well as an airy synth instrument. And it does! It has a really nice sound, and can get incredibly low notes. The Train whistle has dominant 5th tones that hum out over the root note, which created a very interesting tone. Both have a haunting quality and hopefully you find them useful and have some fun!

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