Ableton Harpsicle Instrument: Pluck Away


Beautiful String tones

Product Description

The harp has always been an instrument that intrigues me.  When I was a little boy, I was lucky enough to hear a harpist live at a fair.  This was an important moment for me for a few reasons.  I realized the harp was one of the most beautiful sounds in the world, and it showed me how much music moved me as a person, helping to spark my lifelong musical journey.  Guitars were a lot easier to come by for a kid, as a harp is both quite large in stature as well as price.  As the years have passed, I never stopped thinking about how one day I would love to learn to play.  The Harpsicle became the happy solution for me.  It is smaller in size, smaller in price, and an all around joy to play.  It helps to develop my skill while I wait to see if a full size harp is in my future.  I wanted to share this instrument with all of you to share my love of the harp.  As you open it you’ll see one of the Macros is set with an arpeggiator on.  This is to simulate the full strum of the instrument.  Download it free, have fun, listen to some harpsicle music.  Maybe you’ll fall in love with the harp too.