Ableton Instruments-Korg DS-8 FM Synth Mega Pack


FM Synth With 80s Mojo

Product Description

With all the love the Volca FM is receiving these days, we figured now would be a good time to revisit Korg’s earlier FM synth, the underrated DS-8.  The DS-8 was the Korg answer to the Yamaha DX7; a trademark sound of new wave and pop in the 80s.  A 4 operator polysynth, The DS-8 was capable of making some very cool sounds.  One of our contributors, Mike Longo, made an EP consisting of just drum sequences, some guitar parts, and our DS-8 Ableton Pack, to showcase how much this synth can push out. With this mega pack, you will receive 25 Ableton racks, 24 instruments and one drum effect rack.  Check out some of the great FM of yesteryear with our DS-8 Mega Pack!

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