ARP Odyssey Ableton Instrument MegaPack


Unique Ableton Instruments created with the ARP Odyssey.

Product Description

The ARP Odyssey is a classic, and currently back in the spotlight again, thanks to Korg’s fantastic reissue and iOS app. I purchased mine quickly after it hit shelves.  I also picked up the iOS app, which was more recently released.  The hardware sounds present, huge, and possibly most important of all, interesting.  It has one of the more odd interfaces for a synth I’ve seen; its setup is definitely unique. Once I navigated around for a few hours I was able to make some wild tones with it, and have used it on countless songs by this point.

You might be thinking, why would I decide to make an Ableton pack when there is an iOS app based on the synth as well? This is my take on the instrument. And though I do like the iOS version, the body on the app isn’t where I would like it to be. You will be able to achieve some very full, as well as disntinct sounds from my pack. I used Ableton’s sampler in some different ways, using the macro controls for standard presets as well as some unique controls on the front end intereface.  That will give you an Odyssey sound all its own.

-With this MegaPack you’ll receive-

30 Ableton Instruments, with 30 different sample sets using uniquely created patches on the ARP Odyssey.  All recorded with high quality conversion via Apogee converters.

The ARPOdyssey Effectessy Audio Effect rack.  I created an effect rack to go with the Odyssey instruments, with some unique results.  I think you’ll love it!

Check out the video to hear a jam I created using the ARP Odyssey Ableton instruments.  All tones besides the drums are found within this great pack.  The sounds span from big leads, to heavy basses, to swelling pads.  All created with the interesting nature of the Odyssey in mind.  I love the way these came out, and I believe you will too.

Not Convinced?  Try our free trial pack to see for yourself!