ARP Odyssey Sample Pack


Over 150 samples recorded from a hardware ARP Odyssey.


Product Description

ARP Odyssey Sample Pack

The ARP Odyssey is a classic, and currently back in the spotlight again, thanks to Korg’s fantastic reissue and iOS app. I purchased mine quickly after it hit shelves.  I also picked up the iOS app, which was more recently released.  The hardware sounds present, huge, and possibly most important of all, interesting.  It has one of the more odd interfaces for a synth I’ve seen; its setup is definitely unique. Once I navigated around for a few hours I was able to make some wild tones with it, and have used it on countless songs by this point.

-With this ARP Odyssey Sample Pack  you’ll receive-

Over 150 samples from 30 different patches created on the hardware ARP Odyssey.  All recorded with high quality converters using an Apogee Quartet.


Check out the video to hear a jam I made using the ARP Odyssey Ableton instruments, which I created using these samples.  This sample pack includes a little added bonus; a few drum sounds I made with the ARP Odyssey.  The kicks are heavy and deep.  This sample pack’s sounds span from big leads, to heavy basses, to swelling pads.  All created with the interesting nature of the Odyssey in mind.  I love the way these came out, and I believe you will too.