Casiotone403 Ableton Live Drum Rack


free drum samples from the Casiotone 403.

Product Description

The Casiotone 403 Ableton drum rack

Greetings!  Today is the big launch of Ableton 10, so in order to share my own excitement on the subject I thought it was a great day for a giveaway.  This is the free Casiotone403 Ableton Drum Rack.  There’s a lot of poor quality Casiotones out there, but the 403 actually sounds great.  It’s sought after for its analog drum section, as the drums have a very punchy but warm quality to them.  Check out the video and hear the drum sounds for yourself!

Also, don’t worry, since this is launch day and all, I know not everyone is upgrading at once.  This pack was made in Ableton 9.  Hope you enjoy!

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