Crumar DS2 Ableton Free Sampler


3 awesome instruments from our Crumar DS2 Megapack

(Compatible with Ableton Lite 9.7.7 and above)

Product Description

The Crumar DS2 Free Sampler

The Crumar DS2 is one of the coolest synths I’ve ever played.  It oozes with character.  Ive never played a synth that sounds quite like it.

I was lucky enough to get my Crumar DS2 at an estate sale. Someone with a studio had passed away and the widow decided to have her neighbor sell all the contents. I went to the sale to pick up a Linn Drum I saw in posted pictures. Naturally, I snagged the Linn Drum right away. I then noticed this old beat up Crumar case on the side of the lawn. I opened it and inside was a very worn DS2. It needed a ton of work. But I knew how cool these synths can be, so I took it to a local music shop.  A few months worth of repairs and she’s back in action.

The best way to explain the Crumar DS2 is that it does things its own way.  Its LFO mixer section is pretty wild.  This synth can do anything from melodic strings to wild retro sound effects.  I tried to incorporate the best of its sound palate into this pack.  Some sounds are very straight, some sounds have crazy modulation on them.  The megapack would be serviceable on any project you have, and it will sound great.

With this Crumar DS2 Free Sampler you get

3 Ableton Live Multisampled instruments from our DS2 Megapack

If you like these sounds, make sure you check out our Megapack, which includes 26 Ableton Instruments, giving you much more DS2 goodness!

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