Dirty Wurlitzer Ableton Instrument


Vintage E-piano tones.


Product Description

The Ableton Dirty Wurlitzer Instrument

A classic electronic piano sound!  This particular Wurly was sitting around my house for a few years.  It belonged to an old roommate of mine and had some issues.  It’s not the cleanest sounding Wurlitzer in the world, but it definitely has its own character.  Before he came to pick it up, I sampled some keys, and was quite pleased with how well it translated to Abletons Sampler.  There are some different samples with unique velocities, so make sure you use a Midi Keyboard to get a more accurate performance.

I also added some Macro Controls for a tremolo emulation to the LFO on the sampler.  this should give you more control than you would get on the actual Wurlitzer, as the rate time is fixed on the vintage piano.

I hope you enjoy!

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