Expanding Sound MonoMadness Ableton Instrument Megapack


3 Monosynths layered for fat tones.

Product Description

Welcome to the first MonoMadness exploration!

I own quite a few monophonic synthesizers.  There’s an inspiring quality found in the limitation.  You have one note at a time at your disposal, and yet you can do so much with the tone and modulation.  While I always enjoy creating melodies with monosynths, I decided to challenge myself to see what I could create using a few monosynths and Ableton’s Multi Sampler Instrument.

To make this pack I used 3 synths; the new Roland SE-02, the Korg Monologue, and the rare (and oddly awesome) Korg Guitar Synthesizer, which is a tracking monsynth device, but worked very well in this context.  It did some very weird things but I think it came out really cool.  While all 3 of these synthesizers sound awesome on their own, none of them specifically have their time to shine on this pack.  One was always running into another audio input to drive the filter, or as undertones.  So for each Ableton Instrument, you’re hearing at least 2 synths together.

Using the synths at the same time was one of a few caveats I put in place for myself with this pack.  The others were- no presets (as always), and, while the synths themselves may be monophonic, these Ableton instruments need to sound good as a polyphonic Ableton instrument.  That they do!   The sounds are sometimes lush, sometimes gnarly, sometimes weird, always awesome.  I believe you will find all of these Ableton Instruments inspiring.  Coming up with jams happened very naturally as the sounds lend themselves to moods quite well.

With this pack you receive

25 Ableton Instruments, built from 3 Monosynth devices working in conjunction with each other

I hope you enjoy the MonoMadness pack!  check out some of the work I made with these sounds!