Holiday Giveaway – Ableton Live Reed Organ Instrument


Estey Double Pump Reed Organ Instrument

(works with Ableton Live Lite 9.7.7 and above)

Product Description

Enjoy this years Holiday Giveaway- Ableton Live Reed Organ Instrument

A fellow musician friend Laurie Ann invited me over to check out her Estey reed organ (or field organ as she referred to it). Naturally I had to sample it! Reeds have such a great sound to them. The pump action style of playing with your feet is very fun. It can be a little on the noisy side, so I decided to sample the organ by filling the chambers with air and letting the reeds play out. I proceeded to sample the organ while pumping it full of air to get the mechanism sound. With your pump pedal potentiometer located in the instrument rack, you can add the amount of foot pump sound into the samples being played. It turned out to be a very cool effect.

The song I made in the demo video came out quite dark.  I find it humorous.  When I make the demo videos songs for each video I don’t start the process with a melody, or even an idea.  I usually let the sound itself inspire me to make music based on its tonal structure.  In this specific case I think the music was more reactionary.  Most Christmas music is so upbeat!  All I’ve heard lately are these holly jolly songs and I think I was just interested in going somewhere else with the tone.

Anyway, I hope you dig the free instrument, and if you can please check out Laurie Annes Music.  She was nice enough to let me sample the organ and share with everyone.  I think it came out great.