Expanding Sound JX3P Ableton Live MegaPack


23 User created patches, lovingly used throughout the years.

(please note- this Ableton pack was created using Ableton Live 10 and is not backwards compatible)

Product Description

The Roland JX3P was the first synth I ever got my hands on.  I still remember the day well, walking into Sam Ash Music and lusting after the new Korg MS2000 on display.  I didn’t know much about synths at the time, as a guitarist and songwriter I knew they would expand my sound palette, and with some basic piano knowledge I could at least play backing chords and melodies along with pieces I would write.   Unfortunately, the MS2000 was 900 dollars, and being a teenager I definitely didn’t have that.  It didn’t stop me from standing in front of it playing with all the sounds for a good half hour.  Finally one of the store employees starting talking to me about synths, and suggested I check out the vintage used Roland JX3P they took in.  It came with the PG200 Programmer, case, and manuals for both the programmer and synth for only 225 bucks.  I heard the first preset and knew I was taking it home.  It still makes its way onto most of my recordings.

I’m sure theres a few JX3P sample packs available out there.  This Specific Ableton Instrument pack is 23 multi-sampled presets I made throughout my 18 years of owning this synth.  Its pretty special to me.  To showcase it, I’ve decided to make a couple different jams with the Ableton Instruments, that have a different vibe to them.  If you can, check out both videos so you can hear some of the tones for yourself.  Beautiful bass, strings, pads and leads all layered into melody.  The JX3P is beloved by many, and in my opinion still underrated in its all around usefulness.

With this Ableton Live pack, you get

23 MultiSampled Roland JX3P Instrument Racks, each sound created by me throughout the years.

Enjoy!  I hope you find these synth patches as useful as I have.