Korg Poly61 Ableton Instrument Free Pack


3 free sample instruments from our megapack.


Product Description

Korg Poly61 Free Ableton Instruments pack

This pack is 3 instruments from our Megapack, which gives you an idea what the full, 28 instrument pack has to offer.  Check out the full megapack here!

The Korg Poly61 is one of the early menu diving analog synths. It was the start of cutting costs on the front end of hardware by removing individual parameters.  After several years of digital synths using the same practice, we are finally seeing the consumers get their hands on control back on many new synths.

It may be frustrating to make presets on a Poly61, but once you start digging in it sounds great.  The Saw and Square oscillators can get big and present; they will cut right through a mix.  On top of that the very fun arpeggiator from the Polysix, and you can make some wild sounds.  The filter may not be as strong as the Polysix, but it still sounds great in my opinion.

I was excited to see how this machine would take to sampling, and it did not disappoint.  The Ableton Instruments sound just as good, if not better than the actual keyboard thanks to sample layering.  I could convince you, but please watch the video and hear for yourself.  These patches get huge.  Some of my finer work, in my opinion.

With the Poly61 Free Pack you receive-

3 Ableton Instruments built from the Poly61.

Don’t forget- if you enjoy this pack check out the megapack with more sounds!

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