Martin HD28V Open String Ableton Instrument


A beautiful guitar instrument

(Compatible with Ableton 10.0.4 and above)

Product Description

I am very happy to share with you this new freebie- the Martin HD28V Open String Ableton Instrument.

This came out even better than I thought it would.

Besides my dabbles into sound design and Ableton production, for many years I was a guitar instructor. One of my lessons was lucky enough to own this very beautiful, (and very expensive), Martin HD28V guitar. I was given the guitar for a week to do a set up.  I took the opportunity to sample it, and I am so happy I did. The low notes are incredibly rich thanks to the remarkable craftsmanship on this lovely guitar. The resonance chamber is just so lush. With the Ableton instrument you are not limited to the traditional pitches of a guitar.  And this Martin HD28V handles the low bass notes with ease.

When designing the Ableton Instrument, I decided to use all open string samples.  It almost gives the Martin a harpsichord feel, or open tuning vibe as you play full chords. It was very easy to be inspired by the sound.  Right away I found myself working on new jams.

Hope you enjoy it.  I think it sounds awesome.  Watch my little jam video I made for the pack, a little lullaby piece that puts me in a great mellow mood.  All sounds (besides the kick drum)  were made using this Martin HD28V Ableton Instrument!

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