MemoryMoog Ableton Instrument Mega Pack


Massive Polysynth tones

Product Description

The MemoryMoog Synth is one of the finest, if not the finest analog synth I’ve ever been lucky enough to play/sample.  Put simply, It is huge.  The MiniMoog is always considered the classic Moog synth.  This is 6 of them stacked on top of each other!  Up to 18 oscillators at once.  I was lost in it’s sound instantly, and never wanted to come out.  It is regarded by many as one of the best sounding synths ever made.  Unfortunately, its price tag mirrors that sentiment.  Since most people, including myself, don’t have ten grand lying around to spend on a synth, this could be the next best thing.  These Ableton Instruments were all hand crafted from patches created for this pack.  It really sounds great.  The leads are huge, the pads are massive, and the bass is monstrous.  Any one of these patches will cut through a mix easily.  Some of the modulation on some of the sounds is just insane, as I created many of the tones in the synths unison mode.  This was done to stack the oscillators on top of each other, to fatten it up even more so.  Check out one of the quick jams I made with the pack, and you’ll hear how much of a beast this synthesizer really is.

With this Expanding Sound MemoryMoog Mega Pack, you’ll recieve

24 MemoryMoog Ableton Instruments, all built on handcrafted MemoryMoog sounds, Sampled at 24/96 resolution into Apogee converters

Also included is the MemoryMoog Madness Audio Effect Rack, which I tailored to accompany the instrument presets.  It’s the perfect partner with any Expanding Sound MemoryMoog Ableton instrument.

This pack is up there as one of my favorites.  I love the MemoryMoog, and I believe you will too.

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