MKS70 and JX8P Ableton Free Sampler


3 Sample Instruments from the full MKS70 and JX8P megapack

Product Description

MKS70 and JX8P Ableton Free Sampler

(compatible with Live Lite 9.7.7 and above)

This sampler pack is a just a taste of our full collection, which has been several years in the making.  Several years ago my friend Afrodjmac and I released a Roland JX8P Ableton pack collaboration.  The JX8P is a warm syrupy synth with very distinct, nostalgic tones.   At the time of that packs release, I didn’t have a PG800 programmer, so most presets are similar to that found on the factory keyboard.  The PG800 is paramount to creating your own unique patches.  Otherwise its all menu-diving, which can be quite tedious work.

As time went by I fell in love with the JX8Ps sound palate, and decided to sell the synth to upgrade to the MKS70, the rack mount version of the JX10P.  The MKS70 is essentially two JX8Ps in one rack mount module.  It sounds huge.  I was able to start changing some parameters via the iPad app, iPG800, which is an app version of the hard to find PG800 Programmer.  Still, it seemed a little buggy to me.  You have to use a Midi Merge box in order to use the app and an external keyboard at the same time, as the PG800 cable is different than standard Midi.  The merge box was often hit or miss with its reliability.

Recently, a local musician was selling a package of the JX8P with PG800 and memory card for a great price.  I decided it was time to finally get that programmer!  From there, I went to work on this pack, and I think it sounds great.  Theres tons of big pads and chimey leads, having the two JX8Ps synth engines operate as separate voices inside the MKS70 makes it sound very rich.  Plus the signature Roland chorus can’t be beat.  The PG800 has given my MKS70 new life, I find myself using it much more often now.

An interesting side note-  I had to buy the PG800 as a package deal with the JX8P.  I wound up trading the JX to David Koltai, the owner of Pigtronix, who gave me a quick tour around the Pigtronix/Supro factory and showed me some interesting synth based ideas the company is working on!

With this pack you get

3 Sampler instruments from our full Megapack, which is available here.

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