Moog Sub37 Ableton Pack


26 Multi-Sampled instruments built with the Moog Sub37

(compatible with Ableton Live Lite 9.7.7 and above)

Product Description

Moog Sub37 Ableton Pack

The Sub37 is a modern day Moog with a lot of vintage vibe worked into its design. I love the sound of it. The classic Moog filter is huge and the 2 LFOs make for some great modulation. You can make huge bass tones and tearing leads that cut right through your mix.

One of the most satisfying things about making Ableton instruments out of my synths is the ability to turn a monosynth into a polyphonic monster!  While there are a couple preset instruments in this pack I set to mono mode, the majority of the Moog Sub37 Ableton pack is 6 voices or more.  It is true that the Sub37 is Duophonic.  But splitting the oscillators between two notes can leave the sound a little thin.  With this Sub37 pack that is no longer an issue.  Beautiful pads and sustaining key melodies are now available.  It sounds great.

with this pack you recieve

26 multi-sampled Moog Sub37 Ableton instruments, built using 100 + samples

This jam was created using the Sub37 Ableton instrument pack for all melodic parts.  You can hear how varied the sounds are.  I also tried to show how much the polyphony opens up the sound of the already amazing synth.  I hope you enjoy it!