Univox EP210 Electric Piano Ableton Instrument


vintage electric piano

Product Description

The Univox EP210 is an old school electronic piano, with not a ton of frills. I had one for a few months, sampled it, and moved on. It takes up way too much space to justify its limitations. But, it does have a fun Stevie Wonder Clavinet Quack when you push the filter a bit! This is for anyone looking for a fun little funky vintage sound.  There are two different instruments here, both are the same except the chorus instrument was created by doubling the samples and making them slightly out of tune. It sounded nice as i was working on the little jam to go with the sounds, so I thought I should include it!

I hope you find it useful!

Also, below is a quick little demo video I made playing the keyboard when it was still in my possession.  I think the Ableton pack does a good job representing the real keyboard.