Yamaha CS1X Ableton Mega Pack


Beautiful Airy atmosphere synth

(updated 8-10-18, works with Ableton Live Lite, Standard, Suite 9.7.7 and above)

Product Description

Behold, the Yamaha CS1X Ableton Instrument mega pack!   This synthesizer is a bit of an underdog.  It has some very nice drum patches, and the instruments have a lot of personality.  That mixture creates an awesome time capsule vibe.  Does it sound like a Moog? No, but thats not what you always need. The synth excels at big, airy, breathy atmosphere sounds, and chimey leads.  Our first jam seen in the video here showcases some of this Ableton packs capability, while only using 6 presets it only scratches the surface of what you get! The CS1X is also known for layering sounds, so with our Ableton instruments we decided to get creative and try the same technique on some patches, with very cool results.  All Samples were recorded with 24 bit 96 k conversion, through high end Apogee Converters.

Here’s the specs:

and for our Ableton Mega Pack
27 multisample Ableton Instruments
6 multisample Ableton Drum Racks
also includes the CS1X mega samples pack, if you want to try the sounds with an MPC or another sequencer/sampler!

If you don’t use Ableton, check out our CS1X sample pack which includes over 250 samples for whatever medium you wish to use!

There is as always a free sampler pack available for download as well, so if you’re not sold yet try it out here and see if you love it like we do!

Enjoy and expand your creativity!