Yamaha SK20 Ableton Instruments- Free sampler


3 sample instruments from our SK20 Megapack

Product Description

The Yamaha SK20 Ableton Instrument Free Sampler Pack

(Made using Ableton 9.7.7)

The Yamaha SK20 Is a bit of a jack of all trades. Theres an organ section, a string section, and an analog Polysynth section available to be mixed together at your preference. I decided to separate each sound, as well as blend them together, making this arguably the widest sound palate of my packs thus far.

The Organ Section of the SK20 has been widely praised, used by indie bands like Sigur Ros.  It has a big ethereal sound, which lends itself to making some inspiring dynamic music.  The strings have a very lush sound, especially when you add the ensemble setting.  They have a very dated sound, but I mean that in the best possible way.  And the polysynth synthesizer section, while limited, does have a cool filter, which is nice for some envelope funk.  The voice chip has a nice quality to it.  When you add all 3 together via the mix section on the keyboard you can get some huge sounds.

For my Jam video, I took a few different settings to showcase how varied the sounds are in this synth.  Theres a lot of sonic potential available with this pack.  Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you enjoy it!

This Pack includes –

3 SK20 sampler instruments from our megapack

all samples organized and categorized


Check out the full Megapack, which includes 24 Multisampled Ableton Instruments here!

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