We realize that we are all on this musical journey together, sharing sounds and ideas along the way.  And as we share our musical endeavors, we are also happy to give away some free sounds that have helped shape our creations.  We only ask in return for you to join our community. Help us spread the word and keep up to date with the happenings here at Expanding Sound.



Bells of Nature Ableton Instruments
Jazzy C Chord Sample Pack for Ableton Live
Jazzy C Chord Sample pack for MPC
Moogwalker MPC Instrument Program
Drum and Flute Ableton Pack
Moog One Free Ableton Instrument Pack
Free Guitar Synths Ableton pack
Expanding Sound Bowed Saw Instruments
PolyMono Ableton Instruments free pack
Animoog Z Free Preset – Mikes Keys
Light Pedal Guitar Instruments for Ableton
Cat Treats Ableton Cat Synth Instruments
ES UniStrings pack
Expanding Sound 12 Strings Instrument
Expanding Sound Wasp Free Pack
Behringer Wasp
Holiday Folk Dulcimer Ableton Instruments
Crumar Roadrunner 2 Ableton Instruments
Expanding Sound Tape Echo Synths
Casio CZ5000 Ableton Sampler Pack
Free Music Maker Instrument
Expanding Sound Music Maker instrument
Expanding Sound Music Maker instrument
Alpha Juno 2 Ableton Instruments, Mikes Mix Freebie
alpha juno 2 mikes mix
alpha juno 2 mikes mix
Expanding Sound Siel DK80 Free Ableton pack
Siel DK80
Siel DK80
Yamaha CP10 Keyboard Ableton Instruments
Yamaha CP10
Yamaha CP10
Expanding Sound Lap Steel Guitar Ableton Instruments
ProPads Ableton Instrument Freebie
Expanding Sound ProPads Ableton Pack
Expanding Sound ProPads Ableton Pack
Sequential Circuits OB-6 Ableton Instruments free pack
OB-6 Ableton Megapack
OB-6 Ableton Megapack
Prophet 600 Ableton Instrument Free Sampler
ExpandingSound Prophet 600 MegaPack
ExpandingSound Prophet 600 MegaPack
Expanding Sound ThunderTube Instrument
Thundertube Instrument
Thundertube Instrument
Expanding Sound Ableton Matriarch Free Sampler
Moog Matriarch synth
Expanding Sound Korg Minilogue XD Ableton Instrument sampler
minilogue xd
minilogue xd
Expanding Sound Moog Sub37 Ableton Freebie
Moog Sub37 Ableton Pack
Moog Sub37 Ableton Pack
Fender American Performer Mustang Bass Ableton Instrument
Mustang Bass
Mustang Bass Ableton Instrument
Korg DS-8 Free Ableton Instruments Sample Pack
Vibratone Ableton Instrument
Ableton Harpsicle Instrument: Pluck Away
MemoryMoog Ableton Instruments free pack
ARP Odyssey Ableton Instrument Free Pack
MiniMoog Bass Ableton Free Sampler Pack
MiniMoog Bass Instruments for Ableton
MiniMoog Bass Instruments
Dirty Wurlitzer Ableton Instrument
Ableton Live Univox MiniKorg Free Pack
ExpandingSound Celeste Ableton Instrument
Yamaha CS1X Free Ableton Sampler Pack
CS1x Ableton Instruments- CS on the Beach
Crumar Performer: Ableton Instrument Pack
Crumar Stratus Ableton Instruments Free Sampler Pack
Ableton Didgeridoo and Train Whistle Synths Freebie Pack
Didgeridoo and train whistle synths
Didgeridoo and train whistle synths
Wurlitzer Funmaker Ableton Instruments- Free Sampler
Wurlitzer Funmaker Ableton Pack
Korg Poly61 Ableton Instrument Free Pack
Korg Poly61 Ableton Instruments
Korg Poly61 Ableton Instruments
Hohner Clavinet D6 Ableton Instruments by Expanding Sound
Ableton MonoMadness Free Instrument Pack
Monosynth monomadness
Monosynth Madness
Ableton Vibraphone Holiday Vibes Instrument
Ableton Live Casiotone 403 Drum Rack
Free drum rack from the Casiotone 403
Ableton Live Free Korg Minilogue Instrument sampler pack
Korg Minilogue
Korg Minilogue
Ableton Yamaha SK20 Instruments- Free sampler
Yamaha SK20 Organ, String, Synth
Yamaha SK20 Organ, String, Synth
JX3P Ableton Live Free Sampler Pack
Expanding Sound Roland JX3P
MKS70 and JX8P Ableton Free Sampler
MKS70 and JX8P
Crumar DS2 Ableton Free Sampler
Crumar DS2 Ableton Megapack www.expandingsound.com
Ableton Live Estey Reed Field Organ Instrument
400Expanding Sound Field Organ
Univox EP210 Electric Piano Ableton Instrument
Martin HD28V Acoustic Guitar Open String Ableton Instrument
Ableton Accordion Instrument Pack
expandingsound accordion Ableton Instrument