Though I mostly do synth videos on this channel, I enjoy branching out sometimes and making guitar videos. I pretty much like to play anything I can get my hands on. If I can make it sound good of course. My grampa found this old Peavey Special 130 guitar amp in the back of someones shed at a garage sale. It clearly has water damage, the jacks are all rusted and the after market enclosure looks like it coulda been something that once held a car subwoofer. When he first gave it to me, I was grateful but thought there was zero chance of it turning on. Then I remembered it was a Peavey, fired it up, and it sounded good. I mean damn good. Im not much of a solid state amp person, but this thing has a ton of presence and I had a blast playing with it. It reminded me of 2 other experiences I’ve had with Peavey amplifiers. We use a vintage Peavey head as a house bass setup at one of the clubs I work at. It suffers constant abuse yet is reliable each and every time. My old band used a Peavey keyboard amp which has fallen down at least 2 staircases I can remember, and sure enough even with knobs missing still works like a charm. These vintage peaveys are cheap as hell for the durability they’ve shown to me. Great backup amps to have, as you won’t have to worry about them going down often. Hope you enjoy my little tales and the noodling on the Special 130!