I’ve been nostalgic towards some old unfinished projects recently. It would be really nice to finish some of my old songs from several years past. About 3 years ago, I purchased an ADAT machine to transfer some tapes of my earliest recordings back in 1999-2000. Even with a strong cleaning of the machine the tapes had some serious wear to them, so much so that every track has digital pops and clicks. RX7 is Izotopes new audio repair software. When using a DAW, RX7 runs as specific modules, tailored to one job at a time. This video is specifically running RX7 De-Click Module in Ableton Live 10. My 2012 MacBook Pro had a little trouble running it as a multi band module. This quick video demonstrates how much it can help an old track, even with a quick processing job. I hope you find it useful for your own audio restoration projects!