Our good friend Afrodjmac, (http://www.afrodjmac.com) came by for a jam, and brought over his Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine. He was looking to put it to the test in a live application. Expanding Sound contibutor Mike Longo (http://www.mikelongo.bandcamp.com) had been wanting to try his Korg SQ1 Sequencer with some of his new Korg gear, so we whipped up a quick impromptu jam. The song builds and really starts to move once it gets going, check it out!.

The instruments featured in this jam are
Korg Monotribe (synced using Korgs iOS app SyncKontrol)
Volca FM
Volca Keys
Volca Bass
MS20 Mini (with SQ1 Sequencer)
Elektron Analog Rytm Drum machine.

We recorded everything separately into Ableton Live. It was a lot of fun to jam this way, so make sure to hang with the video as it consistently builds! We wanted to feature each instrument for a moment so you could tell the individual instrument’s introduction.