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New friends in sync, Akai Tomcat and Korg Volcas

By November 15, 2016 No Comments

The Akai Tomcat is a fairly new analog drum machine with 5 different manipulative drum voices. I think it sounds great, and sites like Musicians Friend run 99 dollar deals on them from time to time. For an analog drum machine with pulse sync and midi input/output thats a heck of a deal.  If it had individual outputs for each voice that would be incredible, but for 99 dollars I’m not complaining.

This was a fun jam to make, with the intention of testing how well the Akai machine would play with my other favorite cost efficient analog boxes, the Korg Volcas. Happy to report not many issues, though you want to make sure you don’t use a Monotribe or Volca Bass as your master unit. They don’t have Tempo Note Value on their front ends, so you want to make sure you set your tempo value with a separate unit to keep those two from playing double time. The Tomcat proved to be a great starting point. You can use it as a brain thanks to its sync and Midi Input/Output.

One of my biggest gripes with the Volca line, however small it is, is not having a midi out.  I understand the logistics of it, and know there are companies doing mods on the Volcas out there.  In this day and age communication is key.  It would be great to even use a Volca on the spot to control some modular gear in a pinch.  Heres hoping they add it to the next installments!

Hope you enjoy!  I am a big fan of the Tomcat, after getting to know it a little bit.  Its a great companion for the Volca Line, especially if you want to try something other than their own Volca Sample and Volca Beats.