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Fun with 4 tracks- cassette deck sound check

By July 11, 2017 No Comments

This was a fun little video to make. I did a Korg tabletop jam using a Monotribe, Volca Bass, Keys, FM and Sample, and recorded a similar performance into two different cassette 4 track recorders: the Tascam PortaStudio MKII, and the Yamaha MT3X. Just to be clear, there is no exact science to an A/B test like this. So many variables go into the care and performance of a cassette recorder, such as tape head maintenance and use. So, I tried to even the playing field somewhat. Both heads were demagnetized using a degaussing coil, then cleaned a few times with denatured alcohol. The pots on both units were also exercised and cleaned with contact cleaner, to give each machine the clearest performance by this point in their life cycle. This video was just for fun, to compare how both heads sound at this point, and both have a ton of character. Anyone looking to purchase either machine would no doubt be pleased with the vibe they both have. We often look back on 4 track cassette recorders with nostalgia, and there is good reason. They might not have the most features and cleanest sound, but the forgiving analog tone warms over a recording like a comfortable blanket. Both machines sound cool to me. what do you think?

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