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Check out the new Roland Boutique, the SE-02

By August 9, 2017 No Comments

I lucked out and seemed to pick this up a little before the preorder tag is off most websites. This video was basically my first 20 minutes or so with the Roland SE-02, from taking it out of the box to trying it out a bit. All I did was set up a Zoom Q8 camera and took the audio from the synth right into the Q8’s analog inputs. I ran a few tests-
Fiddled with some sound generation-
Tried a few of the presets-
Tested the delay section, trying to get it to feed back-
Used the synths first preset sequence, while manipulating the sound-
Created a quick sound I was happy with-

All in all, save a few little nitpicks I had, this synth sounds awesome for the price and Its definitely worth checking out.

Check out the first quick jam we did with it here.