This is a neat little trick to get some interesting ghosting undertones in your mix. I would say this trick is for advanced users, as I did this at 2 in the morning and went quickly with my explanation. I wanted to share because I liked it so much. I was making a quick little jam with our upcoming Celeste Instrument as well as our CS1X and some Yamaha RY30 drum machine samples.

For those unfamiliar with us, our CS1X pack is available here  

I decided it would fun to run the drum audio from the track to a cassette deck for some vintage vibe. RY30 Samples have some big punch that I felt would be accented well with some tape mojo. I took my midi drum loop and recorded it to tape. Then I brought it back into my session. After deactivating the old drum midi loop, I figured it might be fun to use some ghosting, an old trick from my tape recording days, that still sounds great. I created a return chain on my midi drum track, then sent its output to an aux reverb. Even though the main output of the drum track is deactivated, the return chain is not. So you can still get the aux sends audio. If the Tape loop matches up with the midi drum hits, you won’t get the effect. So move it out of place! do something weird! You’ll get some good results 🙂