I recently picked up a Minilogue XD, and I am a big fan. My plan was to sell my old Minilogue and use the money towards the new one. It is a tough call though, the older Minilogue does have some differences that make it unique unto itself. So lately I’ve been having some fun with both.

I panned each Minilogue a little bit to separate the sound. I also pushed the delays pretty hard. The new ones delay is just so much cleaner, and it sounds great. Something about the old delay sounds really cool too. Its dirty and gritty. It has a life of its own.

I gravitate more towards song based jams, I used presets to change the sequences to make more complex chord progressions, as opposed to staying on a 16 step with modulation. I liked how this one sounded.

Give it a listen, and I hope you enjoy! Do you hear how different the delays sound? which do you like better?