I decided to share the creation process of my next mega pack, the Tama Techstar Series! I have 2 of these vintage analog drum units, one with 4 toms, a synth and clap voice, and the other with snare and rim shot voices.

While the pack will include several drum racks, I decided to try and create playable instruments out of the samples as well. After all, an analog drum machine is just a polyphonic synthesizer, with a certain set of voices dependent on the amount of drums it is creating. This video showcases my process. I record samples, map them across a key bed in Sampler, play with the modulation and create a melody. Hope you find it useful as you create your own packs!

This is using Ableton 9.7.7, even though I have 10 I’m not sure everyones ready to upgrade so I don’t want to shut anyone out on my packs!